How to feed your fish in a Saltwater Aquarium

How to feed your fish in a Saltwater Aquarium

Today we are discussing everything related to feeding your fish in a Saltwater Aquarium.

-We discuss different types of fish and the foods they require.
-How much and how often?
-Target vs. Broadcast feeding
-What to do when leaving town

-Feeding Accessories Learn about our aquariums

Seaweed sheets we use:

Kent Marine Sea Squirt – extends to longer length for larger aquariums and has a sharp end to use for larger, meaty pieces of food to target feed fish

Algae Clip – to hold seaweed sheet on glass of aquarium for fish to graze

Basic suction cup -

TLF Veggiemag -

TLF Mega Veggiemag -

Automatic Feeder


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